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We love to talk code and are passionate software professionals dedicated to the success of our clients. Meet our team and learn more about our company.


What to expect when working with our team

We demonstrate integrity. We create solutions. We inspire community.

Return On Investment

Our primary goal is to ensure that our clients receive the best return on their investment through the delivery of cost effective and the high quality software solutions.

Simple Is Better & Beautiful

Building simple and intuitive interfaces take time, thought, and discipline. We go the extra mile to make sure end-users have the best experience possible.

Best Practices & Methodologies

[App Name] adheres to the highest industry level standards and best practices. We offer a varied combination of SDLC methodologies including agile, scrum, and waterfall.

Mike Engle | President
Mike Engle
Dale Vaughn | Co-Founder
Dale Vaughn
Mark Hardin | Co-Founder
Mark Hardin
David Kahn | Co-Founder
David Kahn
Scott Newell | Sales
Scott Newell
Chris Call | Marketing
Chris Call
Kate Strohmeyer | PM
Kate Strohmery
Cameron Morris | Fall Intern
Cameron Morris
Madison Ruud | Fall Intern
Madison Ruud
Scarlotte Vaughn | Accounting
Scarlotte Vaughn
Aaron Stephens | Sales
Aaron Stephens
Trey Gallant | Support
Trey Gallant
Matthew Allers | Content
Matthew Allers
Denise Byer | Sales
Denise Byers

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